All our flowers are seasonal and grown without artificial heat or lighting. This means flowers are only available when they naturally bloom in our climate.

Blooming from March, we are totally besotted with Icelandic Poppies.

Icelandic poppies are, ironically, not from Iceland. They come from the subpolar regions of Asia and North America and the mountains of Central Asia.

Their cold native climate explains why they are one of the first flowers we have in the year. Here in Betws Bledrws we grow them over winter in a polytunnel and they start blooming before almost anything else.

We love them for their giant billowy blooms and gorgeous colours.

If you get them in our bouquets, they might arrive in bud. We do this to give you the absolute longest life in the vase and to make sure their delicate petals don’t get bruised. The bud will pop open within a day or so of getting into the warmth of your house.

They also last a surprisingly long time in the vase. Many other types of poppy only last a day or so once cut, but Icelandics can last up to a week!

We hope you enjoy these beauties as much as we do.